Meet BASECAMP 24 Speaker: Sam Allberry 

We are pleased to share that pastor, preacher and apologist, Sam Allberry, will be speaking at BASECAMP 2024 on the topic “Building Brotherhood”.  

Sam speaks around the world and is the author of Seven Myths About Singleness, Is God Anti-Gay? and What God Has To Say About Our Bodies. He is also the co-host of the podcast You’re Not Crazy: Gospel Sanity for Young Pastors. Sam is the Associate Pastor at Immanuel Church Nashville, a Canon Theologian for the Anglican Church in North America, and a Fellow at the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics.  

In 2024, he will speak at BASECAMP men’s conference, helping delegates to consider God’s design for brotherhood. Sam will share how men can better link arms with other men in their life with Jesus and become a brother that other men can trust and lean on.   

Get a taste of his teaching here:  

  1. Being a Body 

Sam Allberry & Nigel Fortescue have a conversation about singleness and how churches can better serve and love single people in our churches.  

  1. How Can I Experience Intimacy Without Sex? 

Sam reflects on modern notions of intimacy and expounds the biblical view of intimacy found in married relationships as well as deep friendships. 

  1. The Rich Fool 

In this sermon from Luke 12, Sam explains the parable of The Rich Fool and what Jesus teaches about human folly. He shares that according to the Bible, “folly is the absence of wisdom”. While the world calls us to be intelligent, the Bible calls us to be wise—and wisdom can only come from knowing and fearing God.  

  1. Sam Allberry on Potential Dangers of Small Group 

“There are certain things from our Sunday life that we can’t get from our small group life.” In this video, Sam explains the dangers over-prioritising small group, and the value of gathering as a larger body of Christ on Sundays.  

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Contemporary culture would have men think that ‘standing on their own two feet’ is the way to be man, whereas I find it incredibly powerful to see so many Christian men, by their mere presence at BASECAMP, stand and say that relying on Jesus is God’s way to be man.” — PHILLIP

BASECAMP will return in 2024 over two weekends in three different formats:   

  • BASECAMP City (3 August 2024) – A one-day recharge held at the UNSW Roundhouse in Kensington   
  • BASECAMP Mountains (9–10 August 2024) – An overnight retreat held at StayKCC in Katoomba  
  • BASECAMP Online (9–10 August 2024) – An online livestream of BASECAMP Mountains that can be aired from your church hall, lounge room or shed!   

Early Bird tickets are now available. Register today: 


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