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BASECAMP is an annual event for men who want to know God better. Since 1997, men of all generations and from across denominations have taken time out together to hear God speak. Each year, men have encouraged each other to run the race with their eyes fixed on Jesus.


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To love God and others

“Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flows the springs of life.”

We are prone to spending most of our energy tinkering with our outer worlds, trying to change other people or our circumstances. The external world is easier to access, to measure, to evaluate. All the while, we largely ignore our inner worlds—the world to which God most deeply wants us to attend to. This takes time, curiosity, and above all, honesty. We often won’t consider excavating our hearts until the pain is more than we can bear. 

To guard our hearts, we need to uncover them so that we may see the unhealthy and destructive patterns that have bound them up. Unbound hearts are free to love God and others.  

BASECAMP will help you explore your inner world so that your heart may be ‘unbound’. 

Highlights from

What a joy it was to gather virtually together in 2021 for our BASECAMP livestream event.

Here are some highlights!

Contemporary culture would have men think that ‘standing on their own two feet’ is the way to be man, whereas I find it incredibly powerful to see so many Christian men, by their mere presence at BASECAMP, stand and say that relying on Jesus is God’s way to be man.”

— Phillip

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Anglican Aid longs to see the grace of God overflowing to a world in need. We transform communities by building relationships between Australian Christians and the local church overseas.

Situated at universities across NSW, we are student accommodation providers committed to the formation of young people through the Christian ethos, community, safety, and pastoral care. 


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BASECAMP is a ministry of Katoomba Christian Convention.  We are an interdenominational, not-for-profit Bible-preaching convention ministry.  Our passion is to see our nation transformed by Jesus Christ through the powerful preaching of the Bible.

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