Our 2023 Theme

‘Boys don’t cry.’

One of the many toxic and damaging principles of a past era.

A call to suppress our tears in fear of being labelled as a lesser man.

A truth producing men with unprocessed grief…until it finally explodes in anger or anxiety.

We feel ashamed of our sadness, so we channel it into madness, causing further damage to our relationships with God and one another.

At BASECAMP, we recognise that this culture needs to change.

As men living in a world stained by sin, we need tools to process grief and disappointment in a godly way.

As Christian men, we need to have a biblical view of what our emotions are, what to do with them, and how to help each other.

Together, we need to fix our eyes on Jesus, the perfect man and model of emotional expression, and bring the change that is needed.

In 2023, Executive Director of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF), Alasdair Groves, will be joining the BASECAMP platform to help men unravel their emotions. By combining Scripture and his Christian counselling experience, Alasdair will help men of all generations to have a biblical view of what our emotions are, how to handle them well, and how to help each other process with God and one another.

BASECAMP 2023 Promo Video

BASECAMP 2023 Promo Video